Oopsies while GenTraveling


Hello GenTravelers!

Many of you probably know about, and may participate in, Amy Johnson Crow’s “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks” prompts.  Lately, I have been having a BLAST reading a whole bunch of family history blogs about the recent theme of Road Trips (because, you know, I’m kind of into that sort of thing). Most posts were simply remembering road trips taken with family members, but my favorites were, of course, related to GenTraveling.

I had to share this one that I saw on a message board at wikitree.com:


Oh! Yes, GenTraveling can often present us with opportunities to say “Oopsie” – or “we were in the wrong dang town!”  I’ve had a few minor “oopsie-moments” –  unfortunately, nothing too embarrassing (cuz that would be a good story!).  But, how about any of you? Any GenTraveling Oopsies you can share with us? I’d LOVE to hear about them!


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