GenTraveling – with the Grim Reaper?

Of course, this type of traveling isn’t what I typically like to write about, but…

In 1919, during the last worldwide pandemic, the Grim Reaper traveled around fast and furiously. Yesterday, our state archives featured articles on their Facebook page about my grandmother and some other ladies in town who died of pneumonia after having influenza. My father was just 2 years old and had five older siblings who were left motherless.

I never thought I’d have to live through anything close to that…but here we are!

The pandemic is a real thing and people are dying. I wish it wasn’t such a political and divisive situation. I just want to remember my grandmother and hope that all my family in this generation stays healthy so we don’t repeat history.

I wish the same for you. Let’s concentrate on researching our ancestors and planning our travels to where they actually lived (when we can)!

Have a safe and happy day!