GET SMART and go GenTraveling

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Hello GenTravelers!

I was chit-chatting with a colleague the other day and she mentioned that it seems people think that eventually, computers, coupled with DNA, will be able to solve all our genealogy puzzles. Really? What do you think?

Soon after that conversation, I had the worst cold I’ve had in a decade and all I could do was sleep and watch Netflix.  So, while I was watching the action spy comedy, Get Smart, this scene sounded familiar (I hope you can read the caption):


Yes, we LOVE computer algorithms! We LOVE and appreciate all the digitization of historical records! Yet, human genealogists with hunches is where the real work gets done! So, I had some fun genealogizing the caption. And, you know me – I’d also say human genealogists that travel to where their ancestors actually lived, they get the real work done too!

Good luck with your research and best wishes for lots of (spot-on) hunches!