GenTraveling to Paradise (aka Hawaii)


Aloha GenTravelers!

If you have Hawaiian roots – ok…how lucky are you!?!  You have a very valid reason for planning your trip to paradise!

An article you should put on your pre-trip reading list is “Hawaiian genealogy: Stateside and island resources” by Darcie M. Hind Posz published in the July-September 2012 NGS Magazine, Volume 38 Number 3. Here are a few of quotes from the article that stood out to me.

Hawaiian kinship terminology does not distinguish male and female lines; all the relatives within a generation receive the same kin-term without regard to collateral verses lineal or matrilineal verses patrilineal distinction.”  That sounds like tracing Hawaiian pedigrees could get tricky!

And here’s something you don’t hear very often:  “The majority of Hawaiian records are available online, either as digitized versions of the original or in indexes.”  That’s great news! You can get a large chunk of research done before your GenTraveling takes you to the islands.  Once there, you can concentrate on obtaining family history that may have been passed down orally.

When visiting the islands in person, some tried and true research practices should be applied. For instance, if you are looking for one of the many small family cemeteries, consider going to the nearest post office, to see if anyone has any information on the location. In smaller communities, look for local watering holes or hangouts frequented by elders who you can talk with about family names that were in that area.”

And lastly, “Be willing to reach out whenever possible to listen and learn from what is not available online.”

Aloha oukou! Good luck with your research


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