GenTraveling Friday Finds


Hello! I have some Fabulous Friday Finds to share with you!

All over the internet, there are articles about places where you might want to GenTravel to! Each Friday I hope to share links to some of those articles.  There might be one link, or (if my time management skills are stellar that week, and I have time to hunt for more), I’ll link to more than just one. :o)

Here are this week’s:

Corpus Christi: ABT and UNK is a Fabulous Friday Find!  And don’t you LOVE the clever genealogical title of this blog?  It makes me laugh! We all have About’s and Unknown’s in our pedigrees, right? Well, if you have any genealogical lines with ancestors from Corpus Christi, you’ll want to check out this Friday Find!  It’s always nice to learn all the history we can of a location we want to go GenTravel to. Thank you ABT and UNK!

Ohio Research: A Sense of Family blog has a great page full of Ohio research links.  If you’re planning on GenTraveling to Ohio, be sure to visit Shelley Bishop’s site and take advantage of her links page.  That’s like me listing a couple of dozen links for you – but Shelley’s done all the work! :o)  Thank you, Shelley!

Have a great weekend! Best wishes for finding those ancestors.  Are you planning your GenTraveling yet? Where do you plan to go? Be sure to share your GenTraveling Bucket list on our Bucket List Page.  GenTraveling: It’s the Real Deal Thrill!