GenTraveling in Austria


Hello GenTravelers!

Personally, I want to visit Austria, just to see views such as this one above!  BUT, just to stay on topic,  this blog post will explain why you may want to visit Austria, even if you don’t think you have Austrian roots.  From Richard Camaur’s article, “Searching Austrian military records” in the 2007 October- December NGS NewsMagazine, we learn that since Austria-Hungary dominated Central Europe until the end of World War I, there’s a chance your ancestors could be in Austrian military records if you’ve traced your family to such countries as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, and parts of Poland.

Camaur writes that, “Military records relating to the soldiers and sailors who served in the armed forces of the Dual Monarchy…provide genealogical information that may not be otherwise available…”

“Such records are often found in four places: state archives, provincial archives, municipal archives, and personal holdings.”

“…a young soldier, recruited during the first half of the eighteenth century, might have served in the Austrian Netherlands (modern Belgium). Upon discharge, that soldier may have elected not to travel back to his ancestral home….; instead he might have remained at the place of his discharge, marry, have children, and die there.”

In the article, Camaur continues to give details of the military records that are available and what genealogical golden nuggets you could find in them.  If you have Central European ancestry, visiting Austria and searching through military records in the local archives might be just what you need to take a step back (on your pedigree chart, of course).


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