GenTravel Bucket Lists


I have lots of places on my GenTraveling bucket list, and my travel priorities change, depending on what line I’m researching at the moment!

What about you?  What are your top locations? Leave a comment below and let me know where you’re planning a trip.

Here are mine:

England – New  York – Ohio – Ontario and Quebec – France (just to name a few).


35 thoughts on “GenTravel Bucket Lists

  1. Unlike most researchers my ancestors on all sides have been in South Central Pennsylvania since before the American Revolution. Lucky for me they never left which has allowed me the luxury of not having to travel far for my research. I am fortunate that living an hour from Gettysburg, two hours from Philadelphia and living in the Harrisburg (State Capital) area has given me great access to some of the most historic sites you can find, as well as my ancestors having been a part of these areas. I am very interested in hearing others bucket lists and look forward to seeing them. Finally if I had to choose one place to visit one last time it would have to be Gettysburg Battlefield & with it’s battlefield tours and it’s great Adams County Historical Society which sits right at the battlefield! As a Civil War History buff and a Genealogy geek to have both of these in the same location and be able to tie in several ancestors in both is a researchers dream!

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  2. I love the focus of your blog and look forward to following it!

    My ancestors were strewn all over the place, so there are lots of places I’d love to spend time doing research. Last spring I did a blog post ( about the “My Colorful Ancestry” chart that was making the social media rounds. In 5 generations my family (31 people) had been born or had died in 6 countries and 13 states–truly a bunch of nomads!

    Top of my gentravel bucket list: Caithness, Scotland; Ely, York, Derby, England; Baltimore and Prince George’s County, Maryland; various counties in Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky.

    One of the things I’d especially love to do is find surviving places where my family lived or historic images of those places.

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    • The link to your chart post didn’t seem to work, but I searched your site and found it anyway. What a fun project! There’s lot of variety in your GenTravel bucket list too. If you start planning a trip, be sure to keep us updated! :o)

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  3. Happy to find your blog! However, being not much of a traveler, the far-flung places of my ancestors are across oceans so are out of my (admittedly limited) reach. Yet my first choice has to be Virginia, a shorter journey, and the history drenched Jamestown/ Williamsburg area.

    I confess that if my ancestors had depended on me to sail across the Atlantic we would all still be Brits and Scots!

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  4. Great blog idea! Have been lucky enough to travel to England from Australia and spend a few days in cemeteries, trawling through archived information at the library and wandering the streets where one line of ancestors came from. Now keen to return and explore other lines.

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    • That’s the spirit! Where would those other lines take you? I’m hoping I find a distant cousin from Australia because I’d LOVE to visit there! It’s on my normal travel bucket-list, but not my GenTravel list….yet. :o) Take care!


  5. I’ve already visited my ancestral towns in Poland and Germany as well as several places in the USA—NYC and Philadelphia and Santa Fe and Denver. On the list are Washington, PA, Iasi, Romania, and probably others where more distant relatives once lived.

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    • Yes, I can imagine Iasi, Romania being near the top of your bucket list! Isn’t that where your ancestors experienced the violence from the nearby university protests? (I started reading your book…need to find a quiet few afternoons to finish :o) Hopefully soon! I’m enjoying it so far!

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  10. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to all the known places my ancestors lived in England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and of course Australia where I live. Only my Irish brick wall defeats me. You’ve made me realise it might be helpful to add a tag for geneatouring and not just the names.

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  12. As a newbie my gentravelling bucket list is short with a few places and only covering a few weeks in the north of England. My interest is context, occupations and history and since about 4-5 generations of my family lived across the Industrial Revolution then that’s the focus of our next travels. Derbyshire for cotton mills, Cheshire for salt mines, Sheffield for steel making and Durham for coal mining. It will probably be two separate weeks in June and July.

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  13. last year I was lucky enough to attend the IAJGS Conference in Warsaw Poland, and took an extra 5 days to travel around the country and literally walk in my father’s parents’ footsteps. And when I got home, I had a DNA match which led me to discover over 40 new living relatives on the same side of the family! Next year I’m hoping to go to Lithuania, and eventually to Ukraine.

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