Hello! Thank you for visiting GenTraveling.com. I’m so glad you found this page and hope you visit regularly. I would really like this space to be the family historian’s go-to site to share all things relating to travel: Your family history travel stories…your family history travel bucket lists…and any tips you can give each other for traveling where your ancestors once lived.

Traveling to new locations always seem to have a learning curve.  We think it will be awesome if our readers who have been to their ancestral stomping grounds could post comments about their genealogical travels in order to help others who are planning future family history trips.

I will be posting articles about family history and traveling etc., but if you have something to say, PLEASE chime in!  We’d love for this site to be a learning space – a sharing space! So don’t be shy! Family Historians help each other – right?

If you’d like to know more about the main blogger – moi, check out my inaugural post (HERE). Feel free to comment or email me at gentraveling at gmail dot com.

Thanks again for visiting!

UPDATE:  FYI, here’s my manifesto: