GenTraveling to Norway


Happy Tuesday GenTravelers!

I’ve been making future plans for a GenTraveling excursion to Norway.  My hubby’s roots are from Norway and I’d love to visit there someday…eventually…sooner than later!

You know the famous line from Field of Dreams — “Built it and they will come”, right?  Well, I believe the same concept applies to planning GenTraveling excursions.

Plan it and it will happen!

And the reverse is also true:

If you don’t start planning it, it might never happen!

Nearly a million Norwegians emigrated to the United States in the 19th and early 20th century.  Lots of people have Norwegian roots and would love the Real Deal Thrill of GenTraveling to Norway.  Myself included – even though my Norwegian “roots” are my husbands!

Since I don’t have a firm date set for this excursion, I’ll just start with a digital folder of things to research, archives to visit, places to see, etc. And I always start with the basics of the language:


This website {HERE} has sound clips of how to pronounce the most common words that I might need while traveling in Norway.

Here is my list of websites to become familiar with while I’m planning:

The Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library in Madison, Wisconsin

Norway’s Digital Archives

A website with Biographies of Norwegian emigrants

And since I understand it’s super important to try and find out the farm name of our Norwegian ancestors, I found this resource helpful:

Historical Details about Norske Gaardnavne (Norwegian Farm Names)

That’s what is in my planning folder so far.  I just started the process, so if any of you have any great resources, travel tips for Norway or general advice, please send them my way! Have a terrific week and good luck climbing those family trees!


So, are you planning your GenTraveling yet? Where do you plan to go? Be sure to share your GenTraveling Bucket list on our Bucket List Page.  GenTraveling: It’s the Real Deal Thrill!

4 thoughts on “GenTraveling to Norway

  1. I use google maps to pin places and things I want to see, and have a page in OneNote where I record bits of research about each site or place to visit such as coordinates, history stuff, images, websites. I use the app Pocket to tag and store articles about a place I find online for offline reading too. In short, I plan the backsides off all our travels.

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  2. I went to Norway when I was sixteen and have never forgotten it – I’d love to go back! Good luck with your visit – I’m sure you’ve come across Duolingo which gives the basics of various languages, including Norwegian!


  3. You are lucky to have ancestors in places like Norway—such a great excuse to travel to a beautiful country. I have now visited all the ancestral places I know about in Europe except for Iasi, Romania. My husband’s ancestors all came from Ukraine. Both are not places that allow for easy traveling, but some day we will get there.


  4. I like the concept of “if you plan it, it will happen.” It’s a beautiful country and it sounds like you have the best reason to go there – family connections!


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