Who is that GenTraveler?


Good morning GenTravelers!

I want to introduce you to some fellow GenTravelers – terrific people who regularly and activity plan trips to where their ancestors actually lived. In this new blog series, some of the people you’ll meet will be family historians – others may be professional genealogists who are especially expert in certain regions.  Today, I’d like you to meet…


Jean-Luc Brebant; who has been doing genealogy for 30 years. He considers himself a “History & Heritage Consultant, Family Roots Searcher, Landmark Finder, Heritage Investigator, Legacy Messenger, History Tracer, Past Hunter, Documents Finder, Archives Collector, Trace Investigator, Places Talker, and Mind-Opener.” (More details about the photo above HERE)

Area of Specialization: France and North America (USA and Canada). All the people with French roots.

How often do you go GenTraveling?

All the time. I go to France twice a year.

Do you have any tips on how to make GenTraveling a success?

Sharing experiences.

What types of repositories are your favorite to visit while GenTraveliing?

Local libraries (besides all the documents online).

Tell us about your favorite GenTraveling excursion.

Tracing my own ancestors in France and finding names on old graves.

Also go {HERE} to Jean-Luc’s instagram feed to read about him finding the location of his grand-grand0father’s bakery in Le Perray-en-Yvelines – Yvelines – Southwest of Paris! The photo on the left is the store in 2018 and the one on the right is the same building in 1918!

Get social and check out Jean-Luc on these platforms:



Jean-Luc is currently taking genealogy clients, so if you have French roots and need his assistance, contact him at  revealingthepast2@gmail.com









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