GenTraveling – New Zealand & Switzerland


I read an amazingly incredible GenTraveling story in a news article recently: A young girl travels to New Zealand and meets up with a cousin that her uncle had contacted about family history, then a few years later unknowingly sits right next to this man’s brother on a train in Switzerland!  What are the odds???  My version of the story is obviously lacking many important details.  Go read the full article HERE.

I’m such a sucker for genealogical serendipity!  If you come across any other articles, be sure to send the links my way, ok? Thanks a million!


2 thoughts on “GenTraveling – New Zealand & Switzerland

  1. I made a couple genealogy trips to South Dakota. On the first one, I met one of my dad’s cousins in Sioux Falls. Three years later, I was researching in Watertown and I got a call from my uncle (Dad’s brother) and he and my aunt were just passing through on their way to the east coast. Total coincidence. Then, I convinced them to go with me to Pioneer Days in another part of the state. As we’re watching a demonstration, I notice a guy standing next to me looks familiar. It was the cousin from Sioux Falls!! My uncle didn’t even know his cousin. I also encouraged him to meet another of his cousins he didn’t know and that meeting went really well.

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