GenTraveling to Maine


Happy Tuesday GenTravelers!

Look carefully…can you see the established date on this Hope General Store’s sign? Yes, 1832.  I took this photo in May of 2018 on a GenTraveling trip to Maine.  It was a ‘Real Deal Thrill’ to realize I was looking at one of those old-time General Stores which was the hub of the community – where my ancestors most certainly shopped for flour or sugar or other daily necessities.  And how great is it, that it is still standing!?!

Since our trip to Maine was sort of a side-jaunt from our travels to Canada, I didn’t research Maine’s historical buildings – it was just a happy coincidence that we drove past this wonderful site.  But lesson be learned for future travels:  Check out the registered historical buildings where you’ll be going! It’s a fantastic boost for imagining your ancestors climbing the steps of an old store, home or church when you already have a  clear vision of the buildings they might have visited.

Many old buildings are listed on Historical Site Registers – others may not be.  But the local historical society could surely tell you where the older structures are located.  Of course, you’ll want to do as much research before your travels as possible.  Obviously, some buildings will have more significance to your family than others.

Yes, all of these reminders are common sense!  But sometimes common sense goes out the window when there is so much to find, to see and to do (which is always the case when you’re on a GenTraveling research trip)! What particular buildings do you hope are still standing where you’ll be traveling next?


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