GenTraveling in Ireland


Hello GenTravelers!

I have a funny little coincidence story to share…

In this photo, Lisa Louise Cook is interviewing, (who I now know to be Donna Moughty) at RootsTech a couple of years ago.  I’m pretty sure I walked past this sound booth when this was happening.  Little did I know they were chatting about GenTraveling! At RootsTech 2017, the “Media Corner” was this clear glass sound booth box right smack in the middle of the Expo Hall. I remember walking by and noticing Lisa. When I later watched this interview on YouTube I, of course, was VERY interested, because they were discussing research trips to Ireland.  Donna takes a group of researchers to Ireland every October.  You can check out more info about that HERE.  Additionally, Donna shares a lot of great information about researching in Ireland on her site (whether you book to go with her or on your own!) If you have Irish family, be sure to visit Donna’s site and start planning a GenTraveling researching trip! It’s the real deal thrill!

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