GenTraveling in Italy

pastacurtains.jpgHow do you like these pasta curtains? Clever huh? I took this photo last year as we walked through a cute village in Portovenere, Italy.  And speaking of Italy, I recently read a fantastic article about gentraveling in Italy at this website HERE.  You know I’m a sucker for a really good GenTraveling story! The author explains how he was visiting Italy, planning to do some family history.  As he drove into a village, he turned onto a residential street “the width of a shopping cart” and there was a truck blocking the road (which I could totally picture after visiting last year)!  Since he was basically stuck, he got out and yelled to the man unloading the truck, “Excuse me, do you speak English”….

***Please just go read the article because basically the author asks himself “Did I really just drive into the Alps, yell to a guy on the street, and find that we’re related?”!

Author Matt Crossman also gives readers some really good tips about GenTraveling:

Tip 1: There are tons of resources and experts to help you find your relatives

Tip 2: Family stories may be flawed, but you should collect as many as possible

Tip 3: Take your research with you

Tip 4: Be open, trusting, and prepared for the unexpected

Tip 5: Hire a local researcher if you don’t trust your own blind luck

Tip 6: They’re your relatives, and they’re gone. At some point, your heart will break.

Tip 7: You’re related to more people than you realize, so ask and ask and ask

Tip 8: Every answer leads to more questions. It’s a blast.

Again, go read the article for more details on these 8 tips. And I agree!  GenTraveling is A BLAST!  I get so excited to read other people’s experiences.  It’s THE REAL DEAL THRILL!


So, are you planning your GenTraveling yet? Where do you plan to go? Be sure to share your GenTraveling Bucket list on our Bucket List Page.  GenTraveling: It’s the Real Deal Thrill!



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