launches blog…3-2-1 Lift-off!

globalfamilyreunion-6-6-15-2Hello to all!  This initial post on will simply ditto what I’ve mentioned on my ‘About’ page:

The purpose for this blog is all about sharing travel tips. I would really like this space to be the family historian’s go-to site to share all things relating to travel: Your family history travel stories…your family history travel bucket lists…and any tips you can give each other for traveling where your ancestors once lived.

Traveling to new locations always seem to have a learning curve.  I think it will be awesome if readers who have been to their ancestral stomping grounds could post comments about their genealogical travels in order to help others who are planning future family history trips.

I’ll be posting articles about family history and traveling etc., but if you have something to say, PLEASE chime in!  I’d love for this site to be a learning space – a sharing space! So don’t be shy! Family Historians help each other – right?

Here’s a little bit about me:


My name is Lenore and I’m passionate about family history.  I’m also a bit of a shutter bug.  I would love this site to be a photographically beautiful site – with photos of ancestral travels as well as filled with travel tips, advice about traveling to archives, libraries, cemeteries etc. So, get planning your next family history trip and go where your ancestors actually lived….it’s the REAL DEAL THRILL!

By the way, I’m somewhere in that photo at the top of the page.  I just happened to be doing some research at the Family History Library the day of the Global Family Reunion. They rounded everyone in the library up and asked them to go outside for a photo! Were YOU there, cousin? :o)

Now, let’s get this GenTraveling blog launched, shall we?  3-2-1 Lift-off!

11 thoughts on “ launches blog…3-2-1 Lift-off!

  1. Thanks for following my blog. Yours looks very interesting. I’ve done some Gen Traveling—to Amsterdam, Poland, Santa Fe, and next spring to Germany! I’ve written about the Poland and Santa Fe experiences on my blog.

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  2. Glad I found your unique site GenTraveler! I can truly relate to your passion for genealogy and especially finding a kind of enlightenment visiting places many of my ancestors lived, and explore the area they lived their day to day routine. My husband and I have enjoyed visiting historical museums and living history events for many years. Just like you, I have tried to compound my experience and research with photography and art. Looking forward to sharing some of it here!

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  3. Great idea for a blog. I make genealogy trips every chance I get, even if they are small excursions to country church yards and courthouses between Greensboro NC where I live and Richmond VA where my mother still lives.
    It will be fun to learn from others.

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